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Corinne Pierog visits the White House

Last week, our very own Kane County Board Chair Corinne Pierog was invited to the White House! Corinne participated in a briefing on how the Biden-Harris administration plans to support and create opportunities to improve the lives of people within our community....

Longmeadow Parkway Bridge closer to becoming toll-free

Kane County has received an additional $12.5 million in state funding to support eliminating a toll on drivers using the Longmeadow Parkway Bridge over the Fox River when it opens next year, county officials announced. The funding, included in the capital bill for the...



No Time for Politics with Kane County’s Budget

Kane County’s future is filled with great opportunities, and greater responsibilities. Our leadership must no longer be based on austerity, but rather facilitation. We must bring our communities together to discuss shared concerns and shared opportunities.

As chair, I may not have any vote except to break a tie, but the influence on how those votes are decided should not be made through the lens of partisan politics, but rather through knowledge, thought, and responsiveness to community input. Kane County’s budget requires a tactical approach that gauges the fiscal needs of the County while sensitively offsetting the tax burden of the County’s residents.

Time to Build Trust and Respect; Time for Collaboration

I have been touring the county and listening to leaders of our communities, and from what I have learned, and what is becoming increasingly more apparent, is that we can no longer afford to be resting in the past, nor mired in the present.

Now is the time that collaboratively, Democrats and Republicans, citizens and farmers, our businesses, industries and schools, county staff and elected officials, must work together to focus on the County’s future. It is time to ensure that all of our citizens are represented in leading Kane County.

Time to Preserve Kane County’s Natural and Built Resources

Our County’s natural surroundings and forest preserves provide a place for families to come together. These rich assets also function as an economic driver through tourism, agriculture, and business development. The Fox River and the County’s aquafers provide for industrial growth, recreational activities, and our drinking water. But Kane County’s water is a finite resource and has to be assessed and protected for future generations and growth. Best practices of sustainability, renewable energy, water conservation, public and alternative transportation must be topics that are addressed, investigated, and if appropriate initiated on the County level.


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