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Responsible Financial Stewardship

  • Supported a balanced budget with no new taxes.
  • Saving the average commuter over $200 a year, secured a $30mm state grant and two $1m grants from McHenry and Cook Counties, eliminating the proposed toll on Longmeadow Parkway.
  • In partnership with World Business Chicago, launched research for Kane County’s 1 st Economic Development Council.
  • Successfully lobbied for legislation ensuring that Kane County collects its full share of the cannabis sales tax levy.
  • Implemented equity compensation increases for Kane County’s employees keeping and attracting highly qualified employees.

Collaborative County Government

  • Proven history of governing in a diverse and cross-party manner.
  • With bipartisan support passed the County’s 1st Responsible Bider Ordinance.
  • Founding member of the multi-county Greater Chicagoland Economic Development Council.
  • Board member of the Illinois State Association of Counties.
  • Active member of the Kane Kendall Council of Mayors and Metro West Council of Government.

Maintaining Safe Communities

  • Providing significant financial resources and support for public safety programs.
  • Direct oversight of the Department of Emergency Management and Kane COMM.
  • Strengthening programs to deter the use and distribution of opioids and fentanyl.
  • Invested in security measures for Kane County’s Government buildings, assuring public and employee safety.

Improving Roads & Infrastructure

  • Received a $25million federal grant for railroad crossing improvements for the Randall and Hopps Road intersection.
  • Maintain Kane County’s growing Ride in Kane Program providing accessible transportation for Veterans, Seniors, and Residents.
  • Growing the regional bicycle trail system by 5% so that 67% of residents will be within a ¼ mile of a bike path.
  • Rolled-out an interactive map of transportation improvement projects so residents may learn about current and future plans for Kane County’s roads.

Supporting Mental & Public Health

  • Launched the Kane County Mass Vax Site providing over 600,000 vaccines for residents of northern Illinois.
  • Allocated $10 million in federal pandemic recovery funding to the Health Department to address gaps in the
    behavioral mental health system.
  • Supplying lifesaving naloxone to reduce opioid overdose deaths.​
  • Established plans and a budget for a new Health Department Building located in central Kane County.

Conservation of Natural Resources & Local Farms

  • Awarded the For River’s designation as a member of the National Water Trails Network by the Department of
    the Interior.
  • Establishing a study to measure the sustainability of Kane County’s underground water supply.
  • Installed a 2-megawatt solar field at the Kane County Judicial Center saving taxpayers $5 million over the next 25 years.
  • Protecting over 7,000 acres of family-owned and operated farms through the Farmland Protection Ordinance.


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