The local Republican Party claims that the Kane County Board is classifying Kane County as a “sanctuary county.” The concerns the Republicans have expressed include fear of rampant crime, a failure to obey the Constitution and a desire not to spend taxpayers’ dollars on migrants. But the sanctuary status of Kane County has been around for seven years since then-Republican Kane County Chairman Chris Lauzen was in office.
For seven years, those voices have been silent — until now. Signed by then-Gov. Bruce Rauner in 2017, the Trust Act prohibits the enforcement of federal immigration laws by a law enforcement agency or its agent who may not stop, arrest or detain a person solely on an individual’s citizenship or immigration status. This measure was supported by Illinois businesses, faith-based congregations, and ethnic-based community organizations, as well as law enforcement agencies and labor unions. The Trust Act enabled Illinois to join other states that had enacted similar legislation.

Republicans and Democrats both recognize that the southern border is in crisis. Seeking a solution to resolve the deluge of humanity arriving at the border, the U.S. House Republican Caucus refused to call a negotiated bipartisan funding package that included money to support an effective immigration policy. This bill, developed in a bipartisan effort over four months, attempted to finally address and develop policy for real immigration reform.

Shortly before the language of the bill was released, House Republican leadership put politics before the needs of the American people. Presidential candidate and presumptive leader of the Republican Party Donald Trump urged Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson to oppose the inclusion of the immigration language. Trump wanted to put the safety of Americans aside to use the crisis at the southern border as a wedge issue for his presidential campaign.

The responsibility of resolving the immigration issue is that of the federal government, not the cities, counties, and states, and yet House Republicans refused to act. We are left to pick up the pieces.
Kane County is recognized as one of the most beautiful counties in Illinois and consists of people who care about their communities and show genuine compassion for others. But the hearts and wallets of these kind individuals can give only so much.

It is up to members of Congress to step beyond politics, do their job and solve this issue. The citizens of Kane County are counting on them.

— Corinne M. Pierog, chairman, Kane County Board


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