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Since 2007 thousands of Illinois’ families have suffered through the debilitating effects of unemployment. It is our duty to create both long and short term solutions that realistically address the underlying issues of unemployment. We need to secure a more stable economic future that will ease the despondency of our communities and bring a return to economic vitality. [more...]


Education provides the answer for a 21st century workforce that will be able to meet the growing demands of an innovative and technologically driven economy. Educational research has been the principal catalyst for economic growth and advancement in healthcare. While a high school education is one of the primary indicators for ending the cycle of poverty, by 2014 most jobs will require a least some post-secondary education. Education funding can either support our families, or slam the door on their economic future. [more...]


According to the Kane County website there are 1,984 tax-exempt non-profit organizations registered in Kane County’s 30 different zip codes, serving a population of 515,269. Each of these organizations has been impacted by an unprecedented increase in demand for their services due to the unyielding unemployment of Illinois citizens. As the pressure on Kane County and Illinois’s non-profits to provide a wide array of social services increases, their funding resources have decreased. [more...]


Illinois finds itself faced with an unrealistic repayment plan to the retirement systems. Indeed twenty cents out of every tax dollar goes towards our pension liability. The growing pension contributions combined with a decrease in the number of employees contributing into the system and a limited General Revenue Fund has led many to call for major pension reforms. Illinois has only set aside only 45% of what it needs to meet its public-worker pension obligations. The fifth most populous state’s unfunded pension liability is growing by $12.6 million a day. [more...]


The Illinois Property Tax Burden and Its Impact upon our Families and Our Children.
Supposedly, there are two things in life we can't avoid -- death and taxes. But just because we can't avoid taxes doesn't mean we can't have some relief from too heavy tax burdens. People today are struggling to find jobs, to pay bills, to keep their homes. When they are hit with an annual high real estate tax, it can put them under water. Many residents in District 25 are faced with just this dilemma.
They need relief. [more...]

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